The art of making a customer come back

Finally a way to get new customers and to encourage existing customers to come back, again and again. Encore Merchant Partners also grow their revenue and instantly reduce churn with effortless retention marketing.

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Acquire New Customers

Encore helps get new customers interested in your products or services.

Increase Your Sales

Encore help your business sell more units of your product or service.


Welcome to Encore Rewards

More customers, more guests, more clients - that's our goal for you. Identify, engage and reward your most loyal customers. Encore is a leading-edge & innovative platform empowering businesses to create and manage a personalized loyalty program for building stronger relations with their audience. Get a FREE trial as an early adopter with Encore and discover the art of turning one-time customers into returning friends.

Flexible like Encore

There's nothing you can't change or update on your profile in Encore. You set how much discount you want to give (the discount %) and if you want to offer them the Bonus "Kicker" discount. In other words, you have full access, 24/7, every day of the year - no matter where you are. So, why wait? It's free to try!

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Analytics, stats and reports

Encore provides full customer data and analyzed sales statistics to make sure you are always up-to-date with the performance of your Encore loyalty program, and best of all, you have access to it from anywhere! Not only does it give you quick access to your guest history, spending, visit frequency and more, it also allows you to easily get an overview, so you can do the right optimizations based on actual numbers.


With the comprehensive statistics available in Encore, it's much easier for you to get a better overview of visit frequency, spending and more.


The ready made, and highly useful reports in Encore keep you updated in a daily basis. You can even get the reports sent to you automatically.


Use Encore analytics to examine the efficiency of your current discount program settings and optimize it so the guest visit frequency is kept at the highest level.

How Encore Rewards can benefit your business


It's free to try

Don't take our work for it, we are so confident of the efficiency of Encore Rewards that we will give you a FREE trial period.


Increased footfall

Encore gives your customers a unique incentive to return to your place, and in much higher frequency than before.


Increased spending

Most of our Partners will experience a 15%-35% jump in spending on average per customer/guest.


Bonus features

Unbeatable customer statistics and reports along with other great tools.


Let's save the Earth together

In partnership with "One Tree Planted", we pledge to have 1 tree planted for each new member, Affiliate and Merchant that join Encore Rewards. First milestone of 250 trees have already been reached - now on to 1,000!


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    BRONZE level members

    First visit the members redeem at BRONZE level discount. Once they redeem at BRONZE level, they are promoted to the SILVER level.

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    SILVER level members

    Second visit must be within 14 days of the first visit. Once they redeem at SILVER level, they are promoted to the GOLD level.

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    GOLD level members

    Third visit must be within 14 days of the second visit. Once they redeem at GOLD level, they are promoted to the PLATINUM level.

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    PLATINUM level members

    These members are top tier; PLATINUM Encore members eligible for the highest discounts. PLATINUM members redeem at any Encore Partner at least every 14 days to stay PLATINUM.

How does it work?

This example shows the four Encore levels. Every time a customer visits (within 14 days) an Encore venue, their Encore status elevates, their discount percentage increases and it will keep increasing with every visit, until they reach the highest level of discount. "Gamefication" is the new big thing, so let's get on board.

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The discount levels and days used in the illustration are as example only. The real discounts can be higher, the same or lower, all depending on each venue. Each venue owner set the discount levels they want to offer. Tip: Find a good balance between the discount percentage and your profits. Don't forget, customers do like discount.


Why use Encore?

Did we mention there's a FREE trial?

Yes, Encore Rewards comes with a FREE trial for early adopters. So sign up now and start building better customer relationships and see your customer traffic and sales increase week after week.

Encore brings you new guests/customers

Our growing member base will only add to your increasing footfall and get you many new guests/customers for free.

Encore gives your guests a reason to come back

Our unique, easy-to-use loyalty program with instant, increasing discount give your guests/customers a reason to keep visiting your place, to keep building up their Encore level.

Amazing tools and stats

You have full access your profile, your statistics and reports as well as other member tools*. You can always change any info you want, where ever you are.

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