Earn commission every time a free member goes to a restaurant, a salon, a play area or any other Encore Partner Merchant.

Yes, when you or your team add a member, an Affiliate or a Merchant to Encore, YOU keep earning monthly commission - for as long as they use our app!


You invite

Invite people using SMS, WhatsApp, email or social media etc.


They sign-up

Your friend becomes a free member, an Affiliate or a Merchant Partner.


You earn

Get up to 30% commission per signup + several extra performance bonuses!

Start earning extra income with Encore Rewards


We want to reward you for recommending us to your friends. Whenever they go out and redeem discount, you will receive a commission. ANd when they invite their friends, who invite their friends, you receive commission for them all.

This is YOUR chance to change your life, be your own boss, decide your own working hours.

Refer free members

As an Affiliate, you receive commission when the free members you (or anyone in your team) refererred uses Encore Rewards for discount.

Sign up Affiliates

When you sign up a friend or family member as an Affiliate you receive a commission. When you help that new Affiliate do a good job, you will also receive commission and bonus.

Sign up Merchant partners

Get certified to sign up a new Merchant partner (ex: coffee shops, salons, clubs, restaurants, activities, retail shops etc.) you will earn a commission and monthly residual income.

Why become an Encore Rewards Affiliate?

Be your own boss

You become your own boss and you set your own working hours. You can work anytime you want, from whereever you want. That is freedom.

Work locally and globally

Encore Affiliate sales transcends borders, which means you can live in the UAE while signing up Affiliates and Merchants in USA, Italy, Philippines and many other countries.

Earn money in your sleep

You will earn residual income, meaning you will make money in your sleep. Once you refer a free member to Encore Rewards, it will pay you commission month after month.

Innovative App

Encore Rewards is an innovative, revolutionary new way of enjoying discounts in the market today. Nobody ever said "no" to a discount - right?

New Merchants added daily

Encore Rewards represent one of the fastest growing segments in the loyalty and discount industry. New partnerships are added daily.

Easy to get started

Compared to the potential earnings, the affiliate program is practically free. All you have to do, is to upgrade your free membership to Encore Pro.

Huge commissions

Encore Rewards offers one of the highest payouts in the industry. We pay out more than 60% in commission and several performance and lifestyle bonuses.

Truly for everybody

Everyone loves to get discount, and want discount for their friends & family to also have discounts. Encore Rewards enables exactly that.

Bonuses bonuses

When you sign up your friends as Affiliates you will earn extra bonus. Sign up enough, and you will get performance bonuses. Commissions are paid out once a month.

Ready? Download app and go to Affiliates

Affiliate Program Requirements


What is required to become an Encore Affiliate? You just have to:

Buy the Encore Pro Package

To start working and earning money as an Encore Rewards Affiliate, all you need is just to purchase the Encore Pro Packsge.

Get to know Encore Rewards

Read about Encore Rewards, the benefits, the features and learn all about us so you know how to explain our concept to others. We even have a knowledge quiz where you can test yourself.

Encore Rewards Affiliate program F.A.Q.

How does it work?

You just refer your friends using SMS, WhatsApp, email or social media. Whenever your friends go out and get a discount, you receive a commission. If your friends become Affiiates or Merchants you earn up to 30% commission per signup + bonus option.

How much can I earn as an Affiliate?

That is really up to you and how much work you put in it. How much do you want to earn - $500, $5,000 or $50,000 per month? Our compensation plan is very rewarding, in fact, it's one of the most rewarding in the industry - and very straight forward at the same time. Click this link to see an example of how your first 6 months could enfold. Of course, this is an example only and we want you to earn much more.

How will I know if someone I referred signed up as a member or Partner?

You can see in your Affiliate dashboard in the app who have signed up and who is still thinking about it. You can even send them a reminder.

How can I get my commission?

The commission is paid directly to you in your app, and you can always see how much you have earned. Anytime you want to withdraw, you can transfer to your bank account or to PayPal. We're working on a way to send your earnings to your crypto wallet, stay tuned.

Does it cost anything to become an Encore Rewards Affiliate?

You just have to upgrade your app membership from Basic to Encore Pro, this only costs $149/AED 547 and not only does it give you the tools you need to manage your Encore Affiliate business, you are also guaranteed minimum Gold discount level and many other benefits.

Do I have to live in the UAE to be an Encore Rewards Affiliate?

No, you can live anywhere.

Can I only talk to and sign up businesses in the UAE as an Encore Rewards Affiliate?

No, the businesses can be located anywhere, we would love to start Encore Rewards in other countries.

What are the qualifications to become an Encore Rewards Affiliate?

If you just want to refer friends, family and followers to become members, then you can start right now. But if you want to earn Affiliate commissions and receive payments, you have to become an Encore Pro member. That's all.

How much do you know about Encore Rewards?

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