The Encore Rewards app is FREE!

The first easy-to-use discount and loyalty program with instant, increasing discounts that you can become a part of. Use Encore Rewards in your favorite venues and see your discount increase with every visit. Best of all, membership is free!

If your favorites places are not on the app, become an Affiliate, sign them up and earn $$.

how it works

More for less

Encore Rewards is a unique, instantly increasing discounts program, here to reward customers/patrons who support their favorite venues.
Every time you do a purchase at a participating venue, your "Encore" level go up and you will see your discount increasing with every visit. So, get ready for a rewards program you've never seen before.


Refer and earn $$!

There are 3 ways to earn with Encore Rewards:
1. Refer friends, colleagues or family to become members and earn affiliate cash bonus.
2. Become a Cerfified Affiliate and sign up new business partners (salons, shops, restaurants, clubs, kids play areas, bars, barbers, lifestyle places, hairdressers, cinemas, sportsclubs, gyms and many more) and earn affiliate cash bonus.
3. As you work as Affiliate you will reach goals and targets set by Encore and you will receive recognition and cash awards for this.

Become an Affiliate

How Encore increasing rewards work


Explore venues

Find restaurants, salons, spa's, kids play areas and much more, from our daily expanding catalogue of partners.


Save money

When you are done enjoying your visit, the friendly staff will grant you the discount you've built up.


Increase your discount

Make sure you come back within the number of days specified to increase your discount.


Bonus features

Some venues even have an extra bonus "kicker" in case you are extra supportive of them.


Let's save the Earth together

In partnership with "One Tree Planted", we pledge to have 1 tree planted for each new member, Affiliate and Merchant that join Encore Rewards. First milestone of 250 trees have already been reached - now on to 1,000!


  • Image
    First visit you redeem at BRONZE level

    Now you just have to visit an Encore venue within 14 days to achieve SILVER and increase your discounts.

  • Image
    Second visit you redeem at SILVER

    Another visit to an Encore partner within 14 days will now earn you a GOLD promotion and even higher discounts.

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    Third visit you redeem at GOLD

    You are now eligible for GOLD discounts and returning to an Encore partner within 14 days will take you PLATINUM and the highest discount.

  • Image
    Fourth visit you redeem at PLATINUM

    You're now at the top; PLATINUM Encore status and you redeem the highest discounts. Keep visiting Encore venues within 14 days to remain PLATINUM.

How does it work?

This is an example showing the 4 Encore discount levels. Every time you come back (within 14 days) your Encore status and your discount increases, and it will keep increasing with every visit, until you reach the highest level of discount. Sounds awesome, right?

The discount levels and days used in the illustration are as example only. The real discounts can be higher, the same or lower, all depending on each venue.


Why use Encore?

Your discount keep going up

As a loyal customer, why shouldn't you be rewarded for supporting your favorite venues? The more you visit, the higher the discount.

Encore is free, totally free

No monthly membership fee, no expensive registration - you simply sign up for free and start earning your increasing discounts.

Use it as much as you like

There are no limits on the number of times you can get your discount. No vouchers, no coupons. Just increasing rewards.

Get discount with your family or friends

Whether you are going alone or with friends, Encore is there for you. Get discount for you and your family or friends.